5 double rooms with bathroom to rent before and during the Festa dos Tabuleiros - Tomar/Portugal

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Rooms to rent 

for Festa dos Tabuleiros 

1 - 10 July 2023 en before

A peacefull place to stay during the Festa in Tomar

Because the Festa dos Tabuleiros ("Tray Festival") in Tomar only takes place once every 4 years, 

accommodation around the area is very limited and gets booked up very quickly!

Elio Aderneira Festa dos Tabuleiros Tomar 2019
Partners accompany the women wearing the Tabuleiros

Enjoy the spectacular parade and festivities in Tomar and then escape to the peace and quietness of Morya Retreat House 

with beautifull rooms, a magical view, surrounded by nature, just 3,5 km from Tomar. 

Every day you can have a breakfast and a delicious vegetarian meal by Dominique.

Combine your trip to Tomar to the Festa dos Tabuleiros with relaxation, meditation and wellbeing by enjoying these restorative natural surroundings.

Property details

Festa dos Tabuleiros Tomar
Women carrying their Tabuleiros ("trays") on their heads during the Festa dos Tabuleiros

During 1st July - 10th July Tomar hosts the spectacular Festa dos Tabuleiros which originated in 16th Century and has its roots in early harvest festivals. 

The "Trays" are as tall as the tray-bearers, and worn on the head. 

Hand decorated with flowers and ears of wheat and corn. 

It's a colourful and unique traditional Portuguese Festival, where the people of Tomar proudly show off their cultural heritage. 

A special sight not to be missed, particularly as it only takes place once every four years.

Seascape decorated street in Tomar for the Festa dos Tabuleiros
Street in Tomar decorated with paper garlands for the Festa dos Tabuleiros

Before and in between the festivities, Morya Retreat House offers a calm and tranquil environment to enjoy a slower pace and reconnect with nature.

There are 5 double rooms available during the 10 days of the Festa dos Tabuleiros 2023 which runs from 1 to 10 July and also before from 26 June.

 The 5 comfortable rooms all have private or shared toilets and bathrooms.

Upstairs there is a spacious kitchen, dining and sitting room, where you can have your breakfast or vegetarian meals.

You can also come with a group together and rent the whole house, which can sleep up to max 10 persons.


Morya Retreat House

Rua Casal da Estrada 168




5 Double Rooms with private or shared bathroom = 200 euro per night

Whole house with a group = please send us an e-mail for the price


Jan Gyselinck

e-mail: jan.gyselinck@skynet.be

tel: 00 32 473 13 51 62