World Healing Conference in Tomar, City of the Templar Knights, with meditations, healing, telepathy around the period of Wesak-festival, the Festival of Light - Tomar/Portugal

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World Healing Conference


in Tomar-Portugal

Festival of Light

Saterday 3 and Sunday 4 May 2025

"I See, and When the Eye Is Opened, All Is Light"

World Healing Conference in Tomar in Portugal, 

City of the Templar Knights, with meditations, healing, telepathy around the period of Wesak-festival, the Festival of Light.

This ancient power place and Templar City in the heart of Portugal carries within itself the Soft Power and connects different rays of this earth. 

Here lies the spiritual heart of Portugal. At the heart of it is the Convento de Cristo (Convent of Christ) and the old Templar castle where Love and Power merge. 

It is also in the vicinity of the Light of the Mother in Fatima.

The Wesak Festival, which is celebrated with the Full Moon in Taurus, is the time of year when the spiritual occasion is the greatest. 

For Buddhists, Wesak marks the birth, enlightenment, and transition of the Buddha. In universal wisdom it is a vivid event, a time when a great blessing is poured out upon the world by the Buddha and Shambhala. 

This blessing brings an unusual influx of life and spiritual development, which will enhance the consciousness of all people everywhere.

Wesak is the culmination of the planetary spiritual year.

During this World Healing Conference, Jan and Pia give profound meditations, explanations, healing, telepathy about the aspects and rays in Taurus, 

the Heart and Holy Grail of the Christ, the Heart of the Buddha and the Heart of Shambhala.

We also visit the Convento, the Templar castle 

Everyone is welcome!

Saterday 3 May and Sunday 4 May 2025

from 10h till 17h

Registration by e-mail:

Attention: the number of places is limited!

Teachers and supervisors: 

Jan Gyselinck, The Art of Esoteric Healing

Pia Yesimala, Reaching The Jewel of the Heart

Contribution: 222 euro 

Included: teachings, meditations, telepathy, coffee/tea/water,

guided visit to the Convento

Not included: flight, all meals, overnight stays, ...

Place: Hotel Dos Templarios, Tomar

Sala Castelo

Your registration is final by depositing 222 euros on the account number. BE 86 109-6608427-50 

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Wesak Festival

Full Moon in sign Taurus

The Wesak legend speaks of a sacred ceremony in which the Buddha, the Christ and enlightened Beings, at the heart of all religions, give a special blessing to the world.

When we connect with this event, a great channel of Light is created that uplifts all life.

Wesak is widely celebrated throughout the East as the Feast of the Buddha.

In the Ageless Wisdom, it is considered to be the culmination of the spiritual year when forces of illumination flow from the higher worlds into the minds of humanity.

While Buddhists commemorate Wesak as the moment of the Buddha's birth, death, and enlightenment, students of the ageless wisdom consider it a living event.

It is said that the Buddha temporarily returns to earth at the exact moment of the Full Moon of Taurus.

The Christ stands before the Buddha and receives in a moment filled with vitality and meaning, the blessing of the Buddha on behalf of humanity,

before turning around and radiating the blessing upon all people.


M. Morya on Tomar in Portugal


It is the case that energetically on earth there are certain lines that come together in this place and 

that means that although there is a certain energy that in itself radiates a softness, this place also has a dynamic force in it at the same time.

There are certain places on this earth where you see that places and cities arise spontaneously 

where people also feel the tendency to come together to experience a certain impression of power within themselves. 

Tomar is one of these places.

There is also a lot of Love present and an aura of a certain soft Power. 

You might think that from the history of the church there was a bastion where a certain dynamic force was present, but this place also carries

 a certain aspect of a soft power. The love aspect is also strongly represented. There is also a certain stillness in the atmosphere and environment around it.

It is important that – despite a certain dynamic aspect – there is also a stillness and a kind of network is created between e.g. Tomar, Mont St-Michel and even Vézelay. 

That there is a certain force in it, a moving energy, which would almost be felt energetically on this earth and that at the same time an impact can be given on it.

It is good that a certain center could arise that can bring about an establishment of a certain soft power, where a place can be given where people can come to themselves and 

also be empowered, strongly connected to the Love of God.

So it is Force, but it is connected to the Love of God.

These aspects will be felt very strongly.